Tactical Response Incorporated - There are lots of places that will teach you how to shoot a gun. Tactical Response will teach you how to fight with one. They are the best at what they do and that is why we teach for them. Or perhaps they are the best at what they do because we teach for them. Either way you need to check out their site.

The Hardcore Gym - The HCG is owned by our good friends Adam and Rory Singer. If you are not going to train with Performance Edge then this is the place to be. World Class Training and World Class People!

Tactical Response Gear - Tactical Response Gear is not only a great source for all your tactical gear needs, they are also the place to go for all of our tactical training DVDs.

Get Off The "X" Forums - GOTX is the best Tactical Training forum on the Internet hands down. We moderate the Close Combatives and the Woman’s Self Defense sections there.

The UnderGround MMA Forum - The Underground is THE discussion forum for Mixed Martial Arts.

The Straight Blast Gym International - Matt Thornton has had a heavy influence on the way we train at Performance Edge. If you are looking for a place to train in the Portland Oregon area you would be well served to check them out.

Commonwealth Kung Fu - This is a Kung Fu school owned by an old friend. If you are looking for Kung Fu then you should check them out.

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