Mixed Martial Arts
Our Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) class is a combination of striking, wrestling, and grappling. Knowledge in these areas is not enough to ensure performance, however. One must also posses the skills with which to transition from one range to another. For this reason the MMA class covers all ranges in one class.

Our major influences in the MMA class come from the following:
Topics covered in this class include:

Our Combatives class is designed for those who desire the skills necessary to survive a violent physical encounter. Whether you are a Soldier preparing to go over seas in the defense of Freedom, a Police Officer who goes into harms way daily to protect and serve, a concerned citizen who wishes to protect him/her self and family, a Bouncer or a Security Guard, this is the class for you.

Topics covered in this class include:

All skills are taught in an “Alive” manner using force on force to ensure performance and understanding under real world pressure.

*If your job requires the use of duty gear you are strongly encouraged to bring your gear to class.

FIGHT! Fundamentals
This class serves as the starting point for new students at Performance Edge. The material covered will help to establish a foundation of skills that are critical for students interested in both Mixed Martial Arts and Combatives. Once the instructor signs off on them, they can begin the regular MMA and Combatives classes without ever feeling “in the dark” about what is being taught. Members learn the bare bones essentials of striking, wrestling, and ground fighting as they relate to both the competitive and the non competitive environment.

Open Gym
This time slot is set aside for members to come in and work on whatever they want to. It is not a structured class.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available in MMA, striking, wrestling, grappling, combatives, edged weapons, impact weapons, firearms, and close range firearms. Private Fight Shape classes can also be arranged.

Personal Excellence
Physical Performance

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