Full Contact Gunfighting
"Where H2H and Weapons Training Collide"

Jan 28 & 29, 2017
This Two Day class will be held at Performance Edge
(340 United Court, Suite 4, Lexington KY 40509)
and will begin promptly at 9:00 am

Prepare to be hit, choked, thrown, stabbed, shot, and above all else, have a GREAT time!

You spend time on the range training your shooting skills. You spend time in the gym training your "Hand to Hand" skills. What is missing for many is the integration of the two. This class will help you learn to recognize the difference in a physical altercation and a lethal threat and how to respond accordingly.

We will rely heavily on Alive training (against resistance) with drills to reinforce all of the skills. A deep emphasis will be put on the principle of “Rule Number One: Protect Yourself”.

The pace will be dictated by the participants, as will the breaks and end time. The harder you want to work, the more we will cover.

You will leave this course not only with a solid foundation of the interaction of H2H Training and Weapons, but also with a thorough understanding of how to continue training on your own.

Topics covered will include, but are not limited to:
The Ranges of Close Personal Combatives
Offense and Defense in each Range
Range Control (Striking/Wrestling/Grappling)
Threat Recognition
When and why to escalate your level of force
Weapons Integration at all Ranges

    You will need to bring
  • Open Mind
  • Mouth Piece and Cup
  • Suitable Training Clothes
  • Eye Protection (i.e. racquetball goggles)
  • Training Knife (a limited number may be available)
  • Blue Gun and Holster (a limited number may be available)
  • 16 oz Boxing Gloves and or MMA Training Gloves (These have more padding than standard MMA Gloves)
  • Note Pad
  • Pen
  • Willingness To Work Hard

Due to the Dynamic Nature of this Course Space is Limited – Sign Up Now To Ensure Your Spot!

Course Fee: $400.00

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