Challenge Yourself

Advance Your Fighting Skills and Readiness to Levels Attained Only In Combat Zones

Whether you call it Personal Security Detail (Combat PSD), Close Protection, Security Contractor, or Bodyguarding, worldwide demand for Civilian Contractors is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

Security – IT Systems – Engineering – Construction - Business Consulting

The potential earnings for providing contract services of any type are high, because many of the countries with the highest demand are also some of the most dangerous, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, and Asia.

Regardless of your experience, skills, and training, if you want to work in high risk regions performing ANY type of work, you need the information presented in this DVD.

What You Need To Know Before You Go

This DVD does NOT provide training on how to do Combat PSD or security work, and it does NOT teach combat tactics or close-quarter-combat techniques.

This first in a series of DVD-based programs DOES teach you the fundamental requirements of providing contract services, including how to find employment, fulfilling your legal and financial obligations before leaving your country, and negotiating your salary.

Make The Right Decision: Be Informed, Be Prepared

After viewing this DVD, you will have the knowledge you need to begin a career in this rewarding – and dangerous – field. You will learn how to travel through dangerous places, live in hostile, deadly environments, and get back home safely.

Some of the hundreds of topics* covered in this 5 Hour 4-disc DVD package include:

  • How to qualify as a Civilian Contractor
  • Building your resume to win a position
  • Assessing potential employers
  • Understanding the terms and conditions of your contract
  • Obtaining a U.S. passport in the post 9-11 world
  • Immunizations - required and recommended
  • What to look for in pre-deployment training
  • Equipment you should be issued
  • Equipment you should take
  • Bank transfers and offshore accounts
  • Life and health insurance
  • MANY, MANY, more topics!

* Each DVD in this series has full menus to allow quick access to all topics

Learn From The Best

You will learn all of this and more from the real world experiences of a first-time contractor (former SWAT officer) and a seasoned contractor (veteran Navy SEAL).

The Civilian Contractor DVD series is the ONLY place to get this "need to know" information; it is guaranteed to save you time and money.

James Yeager, an internationally recognized shooting and tactics instructor and civilian “PSD” contractor, carefully developed the content of this information-packed DVD series to ensure its relevance to both new and experienced contractors.

"This material should be considered required viewing by ANYONE considering ANY type of contracting work in a hostile area!" - Ben Thomas, Civilian Contractor and former U.S. Navy SEAL

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